Dietary Supplement Industry in the Crosshairs:

Charles Brain
3i Solutions

“We at 3i Solutions have found the attention emanating from the recent NY AG investigation a positive. The investigation questioned the testing and efficacy of the products addressed and led to criticism of the entire industry. While the original complaints were critical of the dietary supplement industry, the industry was able to respond to the discussion with new technology, such as improved bioavailability of products and enhanced delivery methods. The overall discussion eventually evolved into an opportunity to highlight improved technology and product improvements offered throughout the industry.

It is now clear to many that the industry is strongly committed to providing continuously improving products. As a response to the criticism, many companies and consumers were introduced to quality-oriented processes as well as new and innovative products. While the bulk of the media provided criticism, we were appreciative of the opportunities to present a positive response and reinforce the quality and technology that is prevalent from the vast majority of the dietary supplement industry. We look forward to the continued opportunity to showcase the improving technology and resulting benefits the industry continues to develop.”

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