Once we know what the customer requires in a product, it is our time to shine. 3i Solutions' product development team will formulate a dispersion that meets all the customers requirements and specifications.  

3i Solutions uses years of experience and patented proprietary technology in making these dispersions. No other company in the world has the experience or capacity to make similar dispersion products.  Our proprietary technology is protected by numerous patents, owned or licenced by 3i Solutions.

3i Solutions' dispersion technology adds very important benefits to our customers' products.  But customers may also want, "natural", GMO-free, soy-free, or more clean-label friendly ingredients. Frequently, we can accomidate these additional requirements when formulating a final dispersion product.

How We Do it

All 3i Solutions samples and products start with reverse osmosis (RO) water.  If required, we have the capability to remove oxygen from the water for additional protection of active ingredients.

We begin with food grade ingredients in all of our formulations.  Lecithins and non-ionic surfactants are main building blocks for our dispersions.  Generally, an acidified preservative system is used to preserve against microbiological contamination.  If needed, additional ingredients can be included to the active material to support oxidative stability.

3i Solutions' dispersion products are then processed using high sheer microfluidizers.  The high sheer process enables us to produce very small, uniform dispersion particles.  Because these particles are so very small and carry a charge, they stay suspended in water through Brownian Motion.  Our dispersions will stay suspended in your final product indefinitely, without any need for weighting agents.

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Benefits Of Our Technology

3i Solutions makes oil-soluble materials water dispersible. Examples of benefits stemming from out technology include:

  • Ease of inclusion into water-based formulations:  see it Here
    • Phosphatidylserine in enhanced waters
    • Coenzyme Q10 in energy drinks
  • Better absorption of nutritional ingredients
    • In vitro and in vivo studies show increased bioavailability of coenzyme Q10
    • Equine studies showing increased bioavailability of vitamin E
  • Extended shelf life of active materials
    • Increased oxidative stability of fish oils in water-based products
    • Protection of nutrients fed to newly weaned cattle
  • Controlled release of active ingredients
    • Flavor and fragrance extension
    • Insect repellant extension
  • Anchored materials for delivery of benefits at the site of action
    • Dental and mucin binding
    • Skin anchoring

To learn more about the benefits of our technology, contact us here.