The final step in the process involves producing our dispersion product for our customer, so they can formulate and sell their final consumer products.

We process all of our products in a registered FDA facility under either FDA regulation 21CFR110 (CGMP for Foods) and/or 21CFR111 (CGMP for Dietary Supplements).

We routinely source all materials, or we can utilize customer provided active ingredients.  Production quantities are flexible, with customer orders ranging from one liter to truck-load production volumes.  We provide packaging appropriate to the customer's order volume. 

We have vast experience with numerous co-packers and can advise in how to handle and utilize our products.  We will act as your partner to assure your product is successful in the marketplace.

Production Capabilities

3i Solutions' production facility is housed in the same Wooster facility as our R&D labs, analytical labs and our business offices.  Our manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art and operates under CGMP standards for food and dietary supplements.  The operation is Kosher certified through the Orthodox Union.

3i Solutions has in-place capacity to produce up to 3,000,000 pounds of product annually with the ability to easily increase capacity.  We currently package all products in bulk containers ranging from a quantity of 1 kilogram, through 40 lb. (18 kg) Scholle bag-in-box to 275 gallon liquid bulk containers on pallets.  

Customer Service and Pricing

Customer Service is one of our core values and we strive to be as customer responsive as possible.  Our customer service starts with our intial meeting about concept design and continues through support of your orders and shipment scheduling.

All of the technological benefits of our dispersion technology can be delivered at commercially-viable pricing.  Depending on the cost of the nutritional ingredient (active) encapsulated, 3i Solutions’ dispersion technology can be provided at a minimal cost premium over the cost of the active ingredient alone.

Product support

3i Solutions supports all our dispersion products with the needed analytical and microbiological testing to assure that what we sell to you is safe and to your specifications. 

Our support goes beyond just our production of dispersion ingredients.  We want to be a trusted partner in your supply chain.

  • We recommend packaging systems.
  • We identify potential co-packers for the final product.
  • We design and set up shelf-life studies.
  • We participate in vendor managed inventory systems.
  • We propose cost-saving opportunities.
  • We audit suppliers and packagers for compliance.

Our experience can help you identify, navigate and eliminate the challeneges of your supply chain.