The first step in the development of any new product is imagining what a product can offer and how it will be better than any other on the market. 3i Solutions wants to be part of that process.

3i Solutions has years of experience encapsulating hundreds of ingredients for its customers.  We don't have stock products on our shelves that we send out to customers and say "hope this works for you".  We realize that every customer and product is different.  We want to understand our customer's needs and custom formulate a product that will work for their specific requirements. We believe that starting the process in this "imagine" phase provides the product with the best chance of success.

What We Specialize In

Essentially, 3i Solutions makes oil-soluble materials water dispersible.  The benefits of our technology include ease of inclusion into water-based formulations, improved absorption of nutritional ingredients, extended shelf life, controlled release of active ingredients, and anchoring of active materials at the site of action.  Our technology allows us to offer our customers a way to create new product forms, resulting in improved formulations with better performance characteristics of end-use products. Click here for a video to see how easy it is to add our technology to your finished product.

Our Experience

Over the past two decades, 3i Solutions has worked with customers in the cosmetic, food and nutritional markets.  We have a vast knowledge of hundreds of active materials we have encapsulated, as well as the ingredients needed to encapsulate, disperse, and protect these actives. We work with customers that are just entering niche markets, and Fortune 500 food and beverage companies.  There are numerous successful products out on the market today utilizing our technology.

Due to our years of experience, 3i Solutions has a broad knowledge base of the food and nutritional markets from concept to distribution.  We can help our customers determine what ingredients can set their final product apart from the competition. We can also help customers find co-packers and bottlers for their final product fulfillment.  And if we don't know an answer right away, we have great relationships with numerous colleagues in these industries we can call upon for help.

Who We Have Helped & What They Are Saying

  • For a number of years, Tishcon had been looking for a technology that would enhance the bioavailability of CoQ10, which is poorly absorbed in the powdered form. We found that 3i Solutions’ dispersion technology was the only technology that provided the bioavailability enhancement that we were seeking as well as physical stability for liquid supplement applications. In addition, 3i Solutions has provided technology advancements that have given us the opportunity to offer unique liquid products to our customers.

    Raj Chopra
    Tishcon Corp
  • Quten Research Institute has always looked to 3i Solutions for technical support for our Liquid Qunol brand.  They have been key to maintaining the high quality standards we have for our brands.  They have also enabled us to consistently maintain technology leadership in the categories we serve.  3i Solutions dispersion technology has been a key element for our success in the marketplace.

    Peter Boutros
    Quten Research Institute
  • About 20 years ago, we began working with 3i Solutions to perfect a stable, highly bioavailable, water dispersible phosphatidylserine (PS).  Today, we are very excited that SerinAid® Disperse PS and Mediator® Disperse PA can now be easily and effectively added to functional beverages and other water based functional foods. 3i Solutions has developed into the leading dispersion experts in the functional foods and sports nutrition arena.

    Scott Hagerman
    CHEMI Nutra