Ingredient Innovations International (DBA 3i Solutions) was founded in 1997 by President and CEO Charles Brain.  3i Solutions was founded and remains in Wooster, OH. 

3i Solutions was founded to develop and manufacture ingredients for consumer markets utilizing 3i Solutions’ proprietary encapsulation technologies. Our management team has years of experience in food product development, product management, sales management, and chemistry.  Our experience creates value as we work with our customers to develop new ingredients to incorporate into consumer products.

3i Solutions follows a four-pronged approach to market development:

  • Primarily, we work with other ingredient suppliers to provide alternative forms of their ingredients.  Examples include fish oil, CoQ10 and other oil-based nutrients.  The result is a water dispersible form of the supplier’s ingredient to sell.
  • Secondarily, we also work with food, beverage, and personal care product marketers to develop specific ingredients with unique advantages for their products. 
  • We present at trade shows and industry conferences to build awareness of our technology and capabilities.
  • We develop research relationships to advance the technology in an industry.  Examples include the research successfully conducted with OSU’s OARDC, Kentucky Equine Research, OSU’s Dept. of Human Nutrition, University of Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

3i Solutions’ ultimate customers are health-conscious individuals who are interested in purchasing foods, beverages, and personal care products that offer superior health benefits beyond the basic nutritional/functional value inherent in these products.